February Update: CBS works. Preparing for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl on Feb 11 will be the largest test of this platform. We have seen large numbers during the NFL playoff games but we expect the Sunday to be the biggest traffic spike yet. This will be a trial by fire for this service. In preparation for that we have rolled out some server and app updates. We have also moved our hosting to Boston Broadband, a great locally owned ISP you should check out. At the new location, we now have an antenna with a clear line of sight to the towers in Needham. This will provide us with clear reception on all channels regardless of weather conditions. The new antenna and hosting was funded by donations from beta testers who have found the app useful. LocalTV is funded by viewers like you. Thank you. We would like to stay free for as long as we can. If you find this useful please consider making a tax deductible donation. Depending on employer, your donations may be matched. If your employer uses Benevity you can find us there for easy donation and matching.

The new antenna in Brookline

If you would like to test LocalTV+ on iOS or Apple TV. You can use our public testflight link.

With the new location users who have been using the app for the past few months will notice several other changes:

  1. PBS (WGBH) is now in high definition
  2. FOX is much more reliable and we are trialing subtitle support
  3. CBS works
  4. Overall much faster and hopefully little if any freezing